Friday, August 24, 2012

Chingola rehab cancelled..opts for others

CHINGOLA Municipal Council has cancelled the rehabilitation of Nine Township roads in the district. The Local Authority has instead opted to facelift roads that lead to important installations and facilities such as clinics, stations and graveyard. Speaking during the full special council meeting Chingola town clerk George Mulenga said the Township roads such as the Close, Kamimbi, Consort, Katutwa, Nkambo, Mubulia and Mpundu were merely selected as proposals subject to full council approval. Raising the motion Kwacha ward councilor Kennedy Sikambale (PF) proposed that the Close, Katutwa, Consort and Kamimbi be removed from the rehabilitation programme and be replaced by a new road to be opened up. The new road would connect town centre to Mwaiseni in an effort to decongest the traffic jam at the under bridge. The suggested road would pass through Ninth Street and connect to Station road in the industrial area. The motion was approved without objection. Buntungwa ward councilor Derrick Chilundika (MMD) also proposed that the remaining stretch from the canceled road be taken to Nchanga Constituency to do Luangwa road where clinic One is situated. Mr Sikambale was the first to second the motion in this council where MMD and PF seem to live for one common goal of developing the district. Yet the bitter man was Kapisha ward councilor Gilbert Kabondo (PF) whose ward had no single road eye marked for rehabilitation. In soliciting for support he appealed to other councilors that there was need of sharing the national cake equally as the people of Kapisha also voted for PF in order for their area to be developed. Mr Kabondo complained that in both formulas one and two Kapisha was not taken into consideration. He said the entire road rehabilitation programmes were ending at Keep On junction, the Kapisha entry point, the situation he said was aimed at exclusion his ward. Mr Kabondo demanded for the Kapisha road to be done especially that it was leading to Kapisha graveyard the rest place for Nchanga constituency. In supporting him Mr Chilundika proposed for the cancellation of Mpundu, Nkambo and Mubulia in order to cover the entire Kapisha road stretch. The council approved the motion. The special council meeting which was aimed at discussing the road status in the district also approved the cancellation of Jacaranda road in order to do the road that passes through Kabundi High School connecting to Kabundi clinic and Kabundi North. Mr Chilundika also told the council that Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) had offered 200 tonnes of waste rock to the Local Authority to enable them to refill some potholes. He said the council has the tipper and the frontend loader the earthmoving equipment he said could help in the transformation of the district. The town clerk said he was pleased with the manner in which the councilors debated the matter. Mr Mulenga said for the main road contractor MIVAMI designated to 23.5 kilometres of Township roads was confident of doing the job. He said the contractor had taken possession of site before Road Development Agency had given him site map and a consultant. He said the contractor had indicated that he would work throughout the rain season in odfer to complete his work.

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