Thursday, April 4, 2013

Illegal land allocation, ………..Chingola Council makes soaring headlines

CHINGOLA Municipal Council has been making soaring headlines over alleged illegal land allocation by some councillors and land agents.

The revelation has already implicated Chingola District Commissioner George Sichula and the mayor has been quoted in some sections of the media to say that his council was marred by rampant illegal land allocation.

Today the council holds an emergency full council meeting at 14:00 hours to resolve the alleged illegal land allocation and find the way forward.

Due to sensitivity of the matter at hand the insider has tipped The Independent Observer that the council may opt to empty the public gallery, meaning that Reporters and the members of the public may not be allowed to attend

But why can’t the council emulate Parliament where all deliberations are open to public, unless in working committees?
Is it because some of the councillors may be impeached, while others may be sent out in an effort to be discussed? 


Gloria said...

The question is why bar the media. They hiding something? The Ba Independent Observer for informing us about the credibility of councillors

Anonymous said...

Tiyenda pa council still more

Moses Zhiqiang said...

I am not surprise of the Illegal land allocation in Chingola and many Chingola Municipal Council workers are involved more especially by the Councillors such as Mimbula Ward Councillor. Many Councillors before elected they were poor and they had nothing not even a wheelbar or a bicycle but my surprise is that today atleast many have open so many businesses and cars. I think in that Council chamber many Councillors are not working but the question is how are they managing their living and how are they managing to buy cars and open so many businesses. Shame to every Councillor who is surviving on illegal land allocation. There are so many problems that the Councillors have to look into than focusing on illegal land allocation and one thing they are forgetting is that they are denting the our PF name and our manifesto. If they are tired or no longer have the interest they should just come at an open place and announce their resignation. Moses

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