Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reporters, cadres and public barred …….as Chingola Council table illegal land allocation

CHINGOLA Municipal Council Town Clerk George Mulenga has confirmed that the full special council meeting to be held this afternoon at 14:00 hours is not open to the public.

Speaking in an interview with The Independent Observer Mr Mulenga said because of the sensitivity of business to be tabled, the meeting was not open to the public.

He said the barring was aimed at preventing political clashes at the Civic Centre the institution he said was not supposed to be politicised.

The Town Clerk said Reporters will be allowed to interview him later after the meeting.

It is rumoured that Lands Minister Wylbur Simuusa who is also Nchanga Member of Parliament will be part of the meeting in which the mayor may be impeached.

Chingola has been making soaring headlines over alleged illegal land allocation by some councillors and land agents.

The mayor has been quoted in some sections of the media to say that his council was marred by rampant illegal land  allocation.

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