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EVERY person wants to live a good and successful life in one way or another but it depends on how you position yourself. You need to think strategically in order to win in life by looking at possible opportunities and obstacles that can hamper progress.
What then is success? Simply put success is the state of mind that entirely emanates from your brain or having a balanced life or a progressive realization of a worthy goal. It is a pursuit of a worthy ideal. This can be likened to winning a lottery, a football match, a marathon or a jackpot is everyone's fantasy, but the better gamble is on your plans that depend more on the strength of mind than luck. 

To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all that is possible to know about that business.” – J. Paul Getty
Success is about having a life you were created for. This could be a business you are dreaming about. Maybe having the money that is right for you. Maybe a body you were created for or having valuable knowledge you need to achieve in your life goals or relationships or phenomenal spiritual life. Always try to do something that is unique and you will too have something different.
Whenever you intend to start a growing business you will be required to explore the market potential on the market and see what opportunities exist which provide you with real chances of how you can improve your life and make money now and beyond .So if the business is done right, at the time and to the right customers then you are on your way to see a profitable enterprise for the years to come.
 Please take cognizant that any business opportunities you are likely to exploit require diligence with very good plans as your roadmap or a good start. Each one of you is a valuable product with a unique brand that nobody has. Bring it out to the world to see and enjoy. The everyday demands of a growing business have a dramatic impact on our personal lives.
 What sounds good news is that it can be positive and not negative. So, the first step toward unusual business is to understand why it exists how it can enhance your life. The business you choose should be a vehicle that takes your life from where it is to where you want to go.
 Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing.” – Warren Buffett
Entrepreneurship is a lifelong process and successful entrepreneurs know this. Things change so fast in the business world; you could be an innovation today and become obsolete tomorrow. To stay on course and adapt swiftly to the ever changing trend, successful entrepreneurs keep studying and learning. The following will answer the above question:

¨     Good management-having a team that can direct and organise resources into prosperity.
¨     Good financial discipline-having the ability to look after the money properly.
¨     Good business ideas-activities you intend to do, the dreams or the imaginary business.
¨     Good record-keeping-up-to-date maintenance of records.
¨     Good marketing strategy-how the goods are likely to reach the customers.
¨     Good entrepreneurial skills-the ability to manage the business in more professional way.
¨     Ability to take risks-to bear the losses you are likely to incur or difficulties you meet in business.
¨     Hard-working and commitment-having the zeal to put in your best and stick to it.
¨     Enthusiasm-the interest to run the business effectively and efficiently.
¨     Good timing-the projection of when to do the business.
¨     Change in our attitudes-our behaviour towards doing business.
¨     Change in our perception about business-how you look at business.
¨     Good accounting system-able to keep records and prepare financial statements.

As you ponder here and there the plan shall give you the possible options of what you intend to do in the future and is likely to help you determine if the particular business opportunity is viable and right for you. You go into business because you have a dream or a calling to fulfill. You have a dream of working for yourself and not for someone as said in my book “You were born for business”. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must always bear in mind that you are not building a job for monthly pay. Instead, you are building an asset that can generate residual income for you and add value to humanity in the coming years.
Watch out for the next issue on “What it takes to be an entrepreneur?”
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There are no bad business and investment opportunities, but there are bad entrepreneurs and investors.” – Rich Dad

Watch out on the next issue on “What makes a business succeed.”

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