Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pastor caught pants down

A Pastor in Chingola has been caught pants with someone’s wife at Blue View guest house in Chiwempala’s Mikiloni Township.

And for security reasons the same pastor was detained at Chiwempala police station yesterday.
Pants down-Picture by Pascal Bwanga

Pastor Christopher Zulu of a named Pentecostal church told one of the female members of The Author of Life ministries that she was a blessing to his life.
Not knowing in what way she had been a blessing to the pastor's life, the woman was soon befriended.
Pastor Chris as he is fondly known then gave out the scripture of Luke 1: 37 to his would be prey; the scripture given says ‘all things are possible with God.’
The woman narrated to The Independent Observer that Pastor Chris told her that he was a Prophet who had foreseen the prosperity in her life.
The woman then agreed to start meeting with the pastor who later started asking her bizarre questions such as,’ does your husband satisfy you in bed, have you ever tried someone else and can you try me for that perfect touch?’
The pastor, who promised to help the woman to start a business, told her that he would take her to Lusaka for some business orders.
Do you want this picture in full........Picture by Pascal Bwanga

“But I started noticing his evil intentions so I informed my husband who in turn advised me to con him into bed for his public embarrassment. One day he asked to hug me but I refused, this really annoyed him.
“After agreeing to his sex maneuvers, he asked me if he could come to my matrimonial home to accomplish his mission but I refused. After agreeing to my husband strategy, I told him I was ready. He then booked booked at a guest where I went. Soon after I had dropped my pants, the pastor was so excited such that he yelled’ chali kale!!’ it has been long since such a thing happened to me’.
Ok this is bad....

And before the act, the arranged guys arrived with cameras and his nudity was captured on camera.

Bishop Edwin Mungule of the Author of Life Ministries said the pastor in question was not one of his members but had gone to Chingola for a special programme of ordination of some pastors.

Bishop Mungule said Pastor Chris was in fact not invited to be part of a team of pastors to help in ordination, but that his role was that of the master of ceremony.
“This pastor had said bye at home since he was staying with me and I assigned one of the sisters in our congregation to escort him up to the bus station. So it was a shock to hear that he was here at the police after being caught naked with someone’s wife,” he said.


Moses Zhiqiang said...

Truly, the call of God can be upon a person but Christopher's behavior give me a bad impression on him and doubt to be a called pastor. I think he is just a self-proclaimed pastor and i he as never been to the bible school.Because at the bible school we learn alot and we can't disappoint God and those that educate us. This Christopher is bringing shame to all the men of God and to the Church of God when he is not even a pastor, i think evil spirits are tormenting his life and hence he need to be punished so that he learn to say no to whatsoever is sin and evil. If this christopher can claim to be a Christian what type of a Christian is he, what does the scripture say about those that are married and views please beware there are so many type of Christopher's personal others will even trick you for your properties and money. Christopher's behavior to be exposed it means he started it a long time and the Bible says no sin will go unpunished.Proverbs 11:21. The punishment of Adam's sin proves that no sin can go unpunished,Every sin is o the record. Every sin demands punishment. No sin ever committed by anybody any time, known or unknown will go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

To STart with,Pastor Chris was wrong but the WOMAN was foolish coz she is not a 16YEAR old not to say no instead she set a trap for him.He is Human and they agreed so first get the all information on whatever happened then convict him if u find that he forced her.from the story itself the woman and the husband knew what was next so they were surpose to tell him in a right way.he has just broken one of the ten commandments and many of you pastors break more than that.Jesus gave options to everyone that wantred to throw stones on that adulterous woman to say let he /she that has not sined throw a stone on her and nobody did.remember DO NOT JUDGE before GOD does it.the woman is fooliush too because she had the all time to prevent it but she decided to take it so he also has a point to raise in court because she even made hime to pay for the guest room,she dropped her own PANT,she Organised people to come over the scene,and her Husband was let this case to start with is not a RAPE case,instead He should Raise CHARGE against HER for Misconduct,Public nuisance, exposure of his Privacy and above all Denouncing his name.Remember these TWO people AGREED for what they were doing.he has sined but if its not in the LAWS OF ZAMBIA then he is in the Wrong place if he is in custody.He has all the feelings that every one has hence he is bound to sin coz he is not PERFECT. TREAT THIS MATER PROFESIONALLY and in a MATURED WAY.

Anonymous said...


Phahlani Moyo said...

SHAME..SHAME God will not spare fake Pastors.Lets no condone immorality

Anonymous said...

very disappointed to the comment dated 11 April. How do you surely blame a lady. in fact the lady was 100% right, if you are one of this people that misuse the Gods name for their advantages ,you will be soon caught by the intelligent saints.
Rubbish Pastor.

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