Monday, April 29, 2013

Chingola businessman linked to Kaufman's death

A CHINGOLA businessman Leonard Mulenga has been linked to the death of a Chingolabusiness executive Mervin Kaufman whose manhood was cut.
Mulenga popularly known as Bonta has been serving another three months sentence at Chingola prison for assault after he was jailed by the Chingola magistrate.
According to investigations done by The Independent Observer, Mulenga had completed serving his sentence last Saturday but the investigators of Mr Kaufman’s death advised Chingola prison not to release him.
It is alleged that Mulenga could have actually administered the physical harm on Mr Kaufman, the injuries that led to his death or he is suspected to have organized a gang to kill Mr Kaufman.
Mulenga who could receive royal treatment whenever he went on a drinking spree at Michelo’s Supermarket in 3Rd Street, Nchanga South (the facility for Mr Kaufman’s wife Peggy Meleka), will be transferred to Ndola today or tomorrow for formal arrest.
He is also suspected to be the broker (middleman) for the sell of Mr Kaufman’s private parts.
Mulenga the Trader of phones at Chingola’s Pie City town centre corridors is said to be a good friend to the Melekas.
Mr Kaufman the proprietor of Kauftech, Kaufman Ltd and Cartek body & Spray was alleged to have been killed by his Zambian wife Meleka and her sister Emily on November 24, 2012.
The duo have already been warned and cautioned for allegedly killing Mr Kaufman of South African origin who had invested in Zambia.
This brings the number to four of people in police custody in connection with Mr Kaufman’s death the other being the domestic worker Helen (Bana Lucky).

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