Monday, April 29, 2013

ZABS in UNWATO top gear

Manuel Mutale
Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) is on higher alert as the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly in the tourist capital is fast approaching.

And ZABS has seized food staffs and electrical appliances worthy millions of kwacha in an extensive operation carried out in Livingstone today.
ZABS director Manuel Mutale told The Independent Observer in a telephone interview that the target of the operation was food staffs and electrical appliances.

Mr Mutale said bottled water manufactured without a licence as well as flavoured drinks were seized and other food staffs that had expired.

He said electrical appliances such as plugs with round pin were confiscated because they were beyond the standard of 13 amps which square pins has.

He said the national standards body has also issued seizure notices on the supply of water brands known as Jole D’la Vie (translated as joy of life) with immediate effect as the product was not licensed.

 Mr Mutale the known action oriented chief executive officer who led a team of inspectors in Livingstone today on a surveillance mission, said his organization wanted to support the efforts of the Government to prepare for the August 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly in the tourist capital.

He said ABS wanted to be on top of things from public health and public safety points of view by ensuring that all products sold on the market were of required standards.

A ZABS team of inspectors carried out a surveillance mission in Shoprite town centre, 217 shops, Furnmart and Shah Hardware Stores Limited.

 “As ZABS, we are there to ensure industry and commerce adopts the required standards. For Livingstone, we want to support the efforts of the Government because of the UNWTO conference in August this year.

 “It is important that we are on top of things from public health point of view and public safety point of view to prepare the city for this major conference,” he said.
Mr Mutale said ZABS could not compromise on food products because they could bring complications.
“We are also carrying out surveillance on condoms so that they can also conform to required standards. We will continue monitoring the products especially in Livingstone because of the UNWTO and also in other parts of the country,” Mr Mutale said.
He, however, said ZABS was generally satisfied with the quality of food products and drinks especially in large chain stores like Shoprite.
“We are satisfied that the big chain super markets are doing well and they are always removing products which have expired.
 “We will come back to Livingstone in four weeks time to sensitise the
local authorities and ensure that we train them on required standards,” Mr Mutale said.

 Shah Hardware Stores Limited proprietor only identified as Mr Shah said there were a number of substandard and fake products across Zambia not only in Livingstone. Mr Shah, whose shop had round electrical plug pins which are said to be a danger to wiring system in Zambia, urged ZABS to carry more inspections across the country.


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