Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No homosexuality in Zambia

The behavior of the European Union to openly advertise and fund gay rights in Zambia should be condemned in very strong terms, and Government should caution them to stop such unbecoming behavior of wanting to promote an illegality in a country which by nature, culture and standards of God can’t accept such abominable diabolical activities. 
Bishop Kazhila

Practicing homosexuality is illegal in Zambia and the Western World are therefore committing an offense by encouraging and promoting it so openly.  

Why do they want to force such an evil on us? If it’s right in their countries that doesn’t make it right in Zambia, please leave us alone. 

For goodness sake we are a Christian nation, and our God, our culture and our traditions forbid such illicit behaviors. 

Do they think we are so dull to accept anything they decide to embrace? Africa is not Europe therefore don’t force us to embrace what is wrong.

Zambians shall not accept to legalise gay rights in our country no matter how we are threatened and pressurised. Our God is there for us please leave us alone. 

Luring NGOs and pro-gay activists with accursed funds so that they go out to promote such anti God schemes and activities won’t succeed. God forbid. No wonder economies in Europe are falling everywhere because it is so anti what is morally right with God.

Those who practice same sex affairs are human beings who are possessed by demons. God loves them but hates what they do remember in Lottie’s day. The demon possessed people of Sodom and Gomorrah refused to sleep with virgin daughters of Lottie, instead pressurised Lottie to hand over the male visitors he had received so that they could have an affair with. 

All they need to do is to seek spiritual deliverance and if they believe they can be prayed for and be released from such inclinations toward same sex abnormalities.

Meanwhile these so called human rights that are being promoted by the Western world and the United Nations are works of Satan. 

Let the reader go on the internet and read the 10 POINT PLAN BY ALICE BAILEY & THE NEW WORLD ORDER. She authored and promoted anti God rights which the UN embraced and are propagating in its effort to bring about a satanic one world order. 

I wish therefore to join the many other Zambians to render support to stance taken by Evangelic Fellowship of Zambia, some of our traditional rulers and the Zambian government in opposing same sex affairs and marriages in Zambia.

The police must not relent in arresting and prosecuting all those involved in these evils.  Zambia was given to us by God and it’s our inheritance which Him alone, not Europe, determines our destiny.

Bishop Joseph Kazhila–Life Gospel fellowship Ministries International. The 10 Point Plan by Alice Bailey &


Gerald C Kamanga said...

Same sex affairs and marriages are not wellcome in Zambia. UN and Europe please leave us alone with our God to decide our destiney.

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