Friday, April 12, 2013

Chililabombwe Council infiltrated by alleged illegal land allocation

CHILILABOMBWE Municipal Council has also been infiltrated by alleged illegal land allocation by some councillors, council officers and land agents.

Both Chililabombwe Town Clerk Davies Musenge and Chililabombwe PF district chairperson Roy Ngosa confirmed receiving the allegations of illegal land allocation.

Mr Musenge
Mr Musenge said there were some observations of illegality by some councillors and the ad hoc committee consisting of Zambia police and councillors had since been appointed to investigate the allegations.

The Town Clerk who recently took up his position in the district said the report of the ad-hoc committee would be made public next week and those that would be found wanting would be disciplined.

And Mr Ngosa said some officials from his party were giving illegal plots, the situation he said had created a parallel structure both in the council and the party.

He said grouping which had infiltrated PF in the district were not health for the party and for development of the district.

Mr Ngosa said a committee (PF) was tasked to iron the differences that were gripping the office of the mayor, the district commissioner and the local National Assembly office.

“People are anxious of becoming MPs no wonder we have these differences, otherwise we shall handle them soon,” he said.

Chililabombwe civic and political situation is a total replica of what has been going on in Chingola. Chingola has appointed five-man ad-hoc committee to also investigate the illegality.

Tomorrow is the last day for the committee which was given seven days.


Anonymous said...

This is really denting the image of the party if not sorted out now the opposition will make political millage out of it.Hon Local Government Minister sir your image is being turnished remove these corrupt councilors from these Chambers even if it means by elections we will not loose.

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