Friday, April 12, 2013

State House security officer dies in road accident

A STATE House security personnel, who was in First-Lady Christian Kaseba’s advance part to Kitwe, has died after their vehicle overturned along Kitwe-Ndola dual carriageway.

The officer identified as superintendent Electra Hamwata died on the spot in the accident that happened on Thursday around 16:00 hours near Zamtan area in Kitwe.

Ms Hamwata was with two others people identified as Aaron Sikalumbi and Charles Palati in a Nissan Hard Body, which was travelling to Kitwe as an advance part to Dr Kaseba.

Dr Kaseba was in Kitwe for the burial of her late aunt Ruth Mwape Gondwe who was put to rest at Chingola Road cemetery in Kitwe.

Copperbelt police commanding officer Mary Tembo was not readily available to comment by press time.

But Dr Kaseba during church service of her late aunt shed tears as she confirmed the death of Ms Hamwata.

Dr Kaseba said the Hamwata was initially supposed to have travelled to Chipata in Eastern Province for other duties but opted to travel to Kitwe as she had personally known the first-lady’s late aunt.

She said it was while coming to Kitwe that she was involved in the accident which claimed her life.

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Satanic sacrifices again.

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