Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Woman commit suicide after reading her dude's Facebook status

A WOMAN in Kasama has committed suicide after reading her would-be husband’s updated Facebook status on his imminent wedding with another woman.

The woman an employee of Government is said to have read from her husband’s wall on Facebook that he intended to marry another woman despite having promised to marry her.

Marriage which is like life insurance in the country to some women makes some women to want to enter into this God given institution for assurance of life calamities.

Friends to the named woman who was in her 20s said the news shocked her because she had been planning her wedding with her partner.

She shortly after reading the status took unknown substances that eventually killed.

Northern Province deputy police Chief Lackson Sakala confirmed the suicide but withheld the victim’s names and declined to state what poison she took till the release of the postmortem report.

Close associates of the deceased woman said she had been found lying in pool of blood before being rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
The Independent Observer/Radio Mano

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