Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tongue cut during an LP kiss

A 25 year old Man of Kalulushi has lost his tongue during the kissing romance with his hooker during a drinking spree.
Japhet Mwape of Keampemba farm chati area in Kalulusi District had his tongue cut by Mary Mumba Musa his lover while kissing in unexplained circumstances.
Copperbelt police Commissioner Mary Tembo confirmed the incedent yesterday and said that the incident happened on April 17 this year at around 20:00 hours.
She said that Mwape on the material day at around 20: 00 left his farm and went to Chama Tavern for a drinking spree where he was joined by Musa, a lady he came to know from Chati farm.
Ms Tembo said Mwape liked the woman and proposed love to her and she agreed, whilst at the Tavern, the couple started kissing each from where they were sitting.
She said after some time, Musa left her lover where they were seated and went out.
“It was at this stage when some people within the tavern observed that something strange, which was blood was coming out from Mwape’s mouth, they later followed the woman to find out what had really happened,” She said.
She said that Mwape only discovered that his tongue was half way cut after seeing the piece that was given to him by some members of the public picked from the floor who were also drinking from the same Tavern.
Ms Tembo said Mwape thereafter took the tongue to the Hospital but the Doctor advised him that there was nothing that could be done because it was too late.
Musa has since been arrested and she is detained at Kalulushi Police station waiting to appear in court.
Meanwhile Police have arrested two Kitwe Men for stealing 440 Kilograms of copper valued at KR23 715 from Chambishi Copper Smelter.
Ms Tembo confirmed the incident and said that it happened on April 16 at around 01:00 when the police officers and a Chinese National on patrol impounded a Toyota corolla ABK 8143 that was loaded with copper near Chambishi Copper Smelter wall fence.
She identify the accused as Kennedy Sinfukwe,a driver of house number 841 and Lombe Kasonde of 848 both of Kwacha Township in Kitwe.
The commissioner said the two suspects would appear in court soon for theft.

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