Friday, April 19, 2013

Violet Mumba a shame to motherhood

VIOLET Mumba has shamed motherhood in the council chamber, Lulamba ward residents have said.

And the residents have welcomed the suspension of Ms Mumba as the chairperson for PF women wing in the district.

Speaking for the group in Lulamba Lidoh Makaliki said the behavior of Ms Mumba of accusing the district commissioner George Sichula and the entire council of being involved in illegal land allocation was disappointing to motherhood.

Ms Makaliki
Ms Makaliki told The Independent Observer that as a mother she was expected to give motherly advice to people she thought had erred in their execution of work rather than play blame games.

“We are all fighters of illegality and no one in Lulamba would fail to side with her if there was evidence of illegality but it is wrong to act as a false whistle blowers. She blew the whistle when there was no foul committed.

“The house which she photographed does not belong to the DC actually but it belongs to John Patounas. Mr Patounas has offers from the Ministry of lands of plot number L/3707/M which is his agricultural small holdings in Chingola East,” she said.

Ms Makaliki who is actually lost to Ms Mumba on MMD ticket as a Lulamba ward candidate said it was wrong to create animosity between the office of the DC, Town Clerk and the mayor.

She said Lulamba ward apologizing to the tree offices for the ignorant behaviour exhibited by their councillor.

Ms Makaliki popularly known as One Lindoh commended PF for suspending her as the chairperson of the women saying she could be a bad seed within the party.

With much interest in leadership, Ms Makaliki urged Lulamba residents to vote during elections.

Ms Mumba

But former Chingola mayor McDonald Mulongoti he was worried to learn of such a suspension of Ms Mumba.
Mr Mulongoti said reporting corruption to the relevant authorities does not constitute indiscipline.
“I thought suspending a whistle blower was in fact indiscipline. I am to learn from the author of that suspension letter what procedure someone may follow before reporting any acts of suspected corruption to the relevant authorities.
“I am afraid, if some PF members think that intimidating such people who mean well and also shielding corrupt elements will build the party then their view is misplaced. Corruption whether it involves councilors, district commissioners, presidents, or whoever, shall invariably remain detrimental to human existence as such it should be fought tooth and nail,” he said.
He solicited support for Ms Mumba from the PF the party he said was allergic to corruption.

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