Tuesday, April 30, 2013

17 perish in a minibus horror

Horrifying scenes of a minibus accident.
16 people have died on the spot while four others have been left seriously injured when a Toyota Hiace minibus they were travelling in lost control and corroded head on with an oncoming Zimbabwean truck.
And the death toll for the Ibis Gardens minibus horror has increased to 17. The 17th victim, a lady died this afternoon from UTH.
Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela confirmed the incident to The Independent Observer in a telephone interview.
Ms Kanjela said the accident had happened after the minibus registration number ACP 3052 driven by Cosmas had a front tyre burst resulting in loosing control and corroding head on with a Zimbabwean Volvo truck registration number AAF 8926 driven by Nathan Kandawowa 40, of Harare, Zimbabwe.
She said the accident happened in the early hours of today along the Great North road, in the Chisamaba right in front of IBIS garden.
“The driver only known as Cosmas was one of the 16 people that died where eight men and women had died respectively. The bodies of the 16 are in Kabwe Genral Hospital mortuary.
“The four survivors, have been evacuated to University Teaching Hospital, here we have three men and one woman,” she said.
Ms Kanjela said the minibus was travelling from Kabwe to Lusaka with 20 passengers on board.
And according to the eye witnesses, the minibus roof was ripped off and bodies were scattered in all directions at the scene of the accident which happened about 800 metres away from the point where the bus had the tyre burst.
The condition of the survivors is said to be the situation which may increase the death toll.
Recently 55 people died on the spot along the same road when a luxury Postbus coach collided with a foreign truck.
The nation has been experiencing a spate of suspicious fatal road accidents and deaths especially when there a looming parliamentary by-election.
Just yesterday three lost their lives in another road traffic accident in Kasama.


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