Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Breaking News---KCM employees gassed

NIGHT shift employees for Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and its contractors at shaft number three in Chililabombwe have allegedly been gassed.

Sources told The Independent Observer, that all the employees that were underground at night are being rushed to Konkola Mine hospital by KCM ambulances for check up and medication.

And over 500 day shift employees that include all KCM contractors at Shaft number three (#3) have not proceeded underground because of poor ventilation and gassing by two some machine.
Others said it was because of the dump truck and the fronted load while others said it could be gasses from explosives.


Moses Zhiqiang said...

KCM management has totally failed to run the mine, there should be safety on the human beings working for KCM. I believe KCM do make alot of profit and why is it that KCM is failing to provide safety to the workers and must of their workers are Zambian people, do they want to kill the all Zambian people, remember what happened in a Kafue river KCM polluted the water and they refused until they were found guilty by the courts of law. If the indians who runs the management of KCM have failed they should come openly and say we have failed. This is not the first time KCM is doing this.

Anonymous said...

I put the blame on government for failling to discpline KCM Mr Sata said when voted into office Vendata will go.

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