Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mamadu is a thinkless football cadre

MAMADU Gaye is a football cadre. The man is literally blindfolded by his inclination towards his native team Ivory Coast. Since he came on the Super Sport soccer analysts’ panel he has never predicted correctly the outcome of any match. Not even his native team but guessingly gave the larger margins of score line in favour of his team. Supersport is also to blame for bringing in a man of his caliber, who is not even a soccer analyst on the panel. What a waste of resources and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The essence of soccer analysts on the panel is to give expectant fans the correct image of the game and its outcome, added with precision of who will cause havoc to the other team and how the best team would carry the day.
On the panel we do not need an assassin to be stabbing other teams simply because he has a forum (Superpsort), the buildup analysis is what attract people to the world renown media organisations and Supersport must learn from Sky sports news. On the Supersport panel Gaye is probably the only waste matter to be invited. If one is listening to Ian, Shakes, Dr Khumalo, Bartlet, Gary, Beni and Lota would readily admit that these men are football surgeons. Another mean man is Daniel Amokachi and you wonder if Amokachi and Gaye they know their role. The outstanding man on the panel has been Ian who has given correct analysis and prediction for nearly each and every game. Though Dennis Lota has his country in the final (Zambia) proved to be different from Gaye. Lota has at times readily admitted that the Arab teams had been difficult for his country and has never predicted wrongly because in his prediction most of the times he had suggested that it would be a tight match but Zambia will carry the day unlike the Gayes of this world. He even gives reason why his country will win. One of them was that the trio strikers in the likes of Emmanuel Mayuka, Chris Katongo and the playmaker Rainford Kalaba had each scored a goal hence the instinct that a goal would come from either midfielders or defenders in this case Stopila Sunzu. This Mamadu has never done this besides boasting of his players playing in Europe where even the winless Senegal draw players. Next Africa Cup which will be South Africa, don’t give us fake analysis we deserve best match build up analysis. Gaye is not analyzing the game; instead he has succeeded in creating soccer nausea among many fans especially those from Southern Africa.

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