Wednesday, May 8, 2013

UPND Threaten Countrywide Protests over By-Elections

Opposition UPND has threatened to hold nationwide demonstrations against continued PF induced by-elections and the recent fuel increase.
And this move may just be backed by Caritas Zambia who has already rubbished the induced parliamentary by-elections calling them a governance scandal.
UPND Party deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said the party could not stand the continued instigation of by-elections when the majority of Zambians were hungry.
The Choma Central lawmaker said the party felt saddened that the price for key commodities had kept going up despite the ruling Patriotic Front having promised to reduce prices whilst they were in the opposition.
“As UPND we have resolved that we will hold demonstrations against the by-elections that are a drain on public resources and also the fuel hike that has triggered price increases in almost everything,” he said.
“The country cannot continue going on like this. We are wondering why it is so important for the PF to go out of their way to spend so much money on useless by-elections.”
However, President Michael has confirmed his approval of by-elections through a press statement issued by his mouthpiece George Chella.
President Sata said by-elections are part of the democratic process. This comes barely a few days after sports minister Chishimba Kambwili in an unguarded moment said the PF government had budgeted for by-elections.

And Caritas Zambia and the Catholics will definitely back the more...Parley by-elections are a governance scandal

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