Thursday, May 9, 2013

Homos deny the Holywood mood characterise Kapiri

DRAMA characterised the Kapiri Mposhi magistrate’s court yesterday when two men appeared to take plea on a charge of being in a homosexual relationship against the Laws of Zambia.
Meanwhile police in Kabwe police are holding two other men suspected to be involved in a homosexual relationship after they were allegedly found kissing.
In Kapiri Mposhi, scores of Kapiri Mposhi residents thronged the court room which was full to capacity forcing others to sit on the floor to have a glimpse of the two while others mocked them outside court calling one of them “banabwinga” meaning the bride-groom.
The matter is before Kabwe-based Principal Resident Magistrate John Mbuzi.
The two who looked shaken, took plea amid loud murmuring inside court when they pleaded not guilty to the all four counts read to them by magistrate Mbuzi.
In the first count Philip Mubiana, it is alleged that between April 11 and April 27, 2013 had carnal knowledge of James Mwape contrary to the order of nature and contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
In count two Mwape is allegedly to have permitted Mubiana to have carnal knowledge of him against the order of nature.
In count three Mubiana on May 5, 2013 is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of Mwape against the order of nature while in count four Mwape is alleged to have permitted a fellow male Mubiana to have carnal knowledge of him against the order of nature.
The two, however, after taking plea in three counts in which they pleaded not guilty, they attempted to refuse to take plea in the fourth count saying that will  only be done in the presence of their lawyers, but magistrate Mbuzi guided them that their lawyer was welcome to represent them saying yesterday was just for plea and not trial to which they later agreed voluntarily take plea.
When the two appeared, the the court ordered them to face the court and not to look down and almost covering their faces as proceedings went on.
The taking of plea was characterised by murmurs immediately after they pleaded  not guilty.
The court also ejected three women for making noise while the proceedings  were going on while another man had his mobile phone
confiscated after he  started taking pictures of accused persons inside the courtroom and was briefly  detained.
Outside court scores of onlookers demanded that the two should remove their coats that were covering their faces saying they wanted to properly see their faces.
Others shouted “the newlywed couple should not be embarrassed but should be brave.”
Meanwhile, some relatives to the accused persons hurled insults at journalists and some photographers who attempted to take pictures and threatened to sue if they were to publish the pictures.
Police had a tough time to control the mob.
Trial is set for May 22, 2013 and the two were remanded in custody.
In the Kabwe incident Central Province Police Commissioner Standwell Lungu said police was holding the two men to assist with investigations but could not confirm the homosexual relationship.
He said police was still investigating the matter.Times of Zambia

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