Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finally; over 630 workers at SNKC riot

Debris at SNKC
Over 630 employees at SNKC in Chingola’s Riverside have rioted leaving property worthy millions damaged and in debris following the stoning and setting ablaze of property located on Nile Road.
The employees who some have gone six months without pay reacted sharply soon after they bounced at Bank ABC.
One of female employees who spoke on condition of anonymity said today they were told by the human resource department that salaries were ready but they discovered that the salaries were not ready right at the bank.
“The boys got annoyed right their in town and rushed back to the office where they set things ablaze stoned the rented property but fortunately there has been no one who got injured in the process.
“My salary on paper is KR2, 800 per month and I have gone six months without pay and some who started recently have gone three moths without pay no wonder they acted that way,” she said.
And lookers said the riot was long over because the company also owes suppliers huge sums of money.
One of the owned supplier said SNKC was owing him over KR285,000 and may others were being owed after supplying chickens, phones, airtime, foodstuffs, furniture and many others things.
Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Mary Tembo confirmed of the riot which happened today in the afternoon.
Ms Tembo said police had a name list of key ring leaders of the riot to facilitate the arrests.
The Independent Observer Reporter who rushed to the scene found police in riot gear keeping vigil of the facility.
And SNKC operations manager Misheck Chongo said the company that is involved in mining and farming alone Solwezi road was supposed to pay employees today but suddenly there was change of programme.
Mr Chongo said employees were given letters that salaries were ready today but because of some situation beyond the control of management, the employees were informed that salaries would be ready on Friday.
“From there right in town, some workers started misbehaving at the bank, they rushed here at the office and Human Resource manager equally had addressed them that salaries will ready after tomorrow but they lost patience.

“They started stoning and setting ablaze the property here and insulting management,” he said.

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