Friday, April 19, 2013

Near riots in Kapiri Mposhi as some ballot papers go missing

There was a near riot at Kapiri Mposhi civic center this morning after stakeholders discovered that the strong room where ballot papers for April 23 by-election was found open with some ballot paper booklets missing.
Police had to use teargas to disburse cadres that wanted to met out instant justice to the security guard who was manning the place.

Political  parties and  other  stakeholders  today  took  to task  Kapiri Mposhi District  Electoral officer and  demanded  to know  why  the access  room  where  the  ballot papers for the  next week’s elections  was  left open over night.

But  District Electoral officer who is also Kapiri Mposhi district Council  Secretary Mpande Hamwende who was  at  pain to explain to  the  political  parties  said  he  does not  know  who  opened  the  room but  assured the parties concerned that  all the papers were  intact and  ruled out accusation of  rigging.

Mr  Hamwende  said he was confident that the  papers were  intact and that  no  box was  tempered  with according to the serial numbers  issued by the  printer in the United Kingdom and  asked  them not to panic.

He  explained that the only  papers which were  opened  were the ballot  papers  samples which  showed  all the candidate and  insisted that  none  of the  ballot boxes were opened.

Central Commissioner of police Standwell Lungu said calm had returned but police was monitoring the situation.

And there are reports of PF having imported hundreds of cadres from Copperbelt’s Mukuba ward who are beating people in Kapiri Mposhi.

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