Tuesday, April 16, 2013

KCM arrest the situation at shaft number 3

KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM) public relations manager Joy Sata has said  the situation at KCM Shaft Number three in  Chililabombwe has retained to normal.

According to the statement made available to The Independent Observer, Ms Sata said that there was a fire incident at the Konkola Mine Shaft Number 3 in Chililabombwe this morning.

A loader undergoing routine maintenance in the Underground Workshop caught fire, which quickly consumed some oils thereby causing the spread of fumes. This was however, brought under control. 

All the employees who were working within and around the area were evacuated in accordance with mining and safety procedures and were screened at Konkola Mine Hospital. The employees were discharged after their health was confirmed to be fine. Normal production has since resumed, “she said.

The was drama and panicking in the morning  on surface of shaft number 3 as night shift employees for KCM and contractors were allegedly been gassed.

The onlookers told The Independent Observer, that all the employees that were underground at night were rushed to Konkola Mine hospital by KCM ambulances for check up and medication.

And over 500 day shift employees that include all KCM contractors at Shaft number three (#3) didn’t proceed underground for safety reasons.

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