Friday, April 19, 2013

Fraud at Ministry of Health

THE procurement committee at the Ministry of Health has almost succeeded in defrauding EXIM bank of India of huge sums of money.

According to the statement made available to The Independent Observer by EXIM bank of India (EBI) spokesperson Mogambo Kushwah, EIB had asked the Ministry of Health (MoH) to tender the project of building 650 health posts.

“We asked for the Tender for Procurement of 650 health posts in Zambia funded by the EXIM Bank of India done by the Ministry Of Health, Zambia but the process was done using unfair practices. There are surely mollifying intentions on the part of the ministry.

“Just to give you a brief background, financial bidding was done by 10 companies for three lots and the companies involved were Mega Engineering, Fedders Lloyds, Surendra Engineering, Jaguar Overseas, Lucky Exports, Appollo International, National Steel, Angelique, Unity-People JV and Overseas infrastructure,” he said.
Mr Kushwah said even after the best companies were in the lowest cadre in terms of pricing, contracts were awarded to companies who had been defaulters in various Africans countries.

“The selected companies are; Angelique: The company has a litigation going on in Ethiopia for an EXIM bank funded project. Jaguar Overseas: has also litigation ongoing in Africa and Mega Engineering.

“And also the most important thing is that the country has incurred a loss of almost 20 million if we compare it with the lowest bidders from the price list given above. All this is done to fill the pockets of the tender committee at the MoH.

He said the most important and disturbing fact was that the line of credit is for 50 million USD and now more funds were required by the ministry which they would now again approach banks for more loans on behalf of the country.

Mr Kushwah said the tendering process had some foul play.

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