Sunday, March 31, 2013

Being poor isn’t a curse-Bishop safwali

BISHOP Steve Safwali of Antioch Bible Church of Kitwe has said being poor is not a curse.

Speaking at the Life Gospel Cathedral in Chingola this afternoon, Bishop Safwali said being poor wasn’t a sign of a curse.

He said the problem and the root cause of poverty was laziness to think of how to generate little income for the family.

The clergyman said Zambia as a country was full of slogans that do not put food on the table and many believe in either the slogans or miraculous wealth.

He said at times God miraculously provide money to help His people solve some emergencies such as paying rentals at the point of eviction.

Bishop safwali emphacised on works that act as a seed to produce money.

“Even faith without works is nothing. You need to work hard and learn to do just backyard garden for your vegetables and probably baking for your family’s breakfast.

“Being without money isn’t a curse above all money is meant to be spent. Wealthy will not come to us if we are not worthy of it. We should have the ability to invest every coin that comes our way,” he said

Bishop Safwali said the biggest challenge was that most of the people that wanted to start business they always talk about capital and in most cases involving large amounts.

He said Enoch Kavindele who was once the republican vice president started his business by selling wrapping chitenge materials.

He urged the members of the church never to despise small beginnings such as selling chewing gums, selling fritters and scones.

“Small beginning makes you to appreciate the value of your wealth and helps to you to know on how to spend it. As a church we need to change our mind set and learn to start doing something rather always depend on salaries and pension to embark on any meaningful project,” he said

Bishop Safwali was one of the guest speakers at the Breaking Chains of Poverty conference organized by Life Gospel General Over Bishop Joseph Kazhila.


Anonymous said...

very true

Rev. Chala Habasila said...

A message that Zambia and all of us need to hear. Blessings!!!

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