Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Has the Church lost its sheep?

HAS the church lost its flock or its vice-versa? On Sundays we witness Christians flocking to churches for worship. The keyboards rattle in unison from various churches and choirs together with praise teams resonate in an emotional moving manner-hallelujah! Church members exhibiting that they have contrite hearts weep in remorse of their sins especially the clergy calls for the need to be born and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. You would hardly think such people who appear to be filled with Holy Spirit would do weird things like wearing unkempt clothes and dance nights away to wild music in wild night clubs. This does not mean this writer is against a sip or sips of intoxicating liquor. But are Christians of today any different from the Israelites that kept mocking God? Remember these are the same people in churches during the day and the same people in pubs. As you’re reading this it’s either someone is just from acting contrary to what they heard from the pulpit or you-yourself you’re from doing so. We think going to church is one way of atoning for our sins and we comfort ourselves that God does not condemn sinners. But is that reasoning as Gods view point? Remember, though God does not tolerate willful sinning. It seems churches have today come to be like business rendezvous for selfish motives and spotting points of attractive women and men, a palace where to fix appointment of where to meet who and why.

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