Saturday, January 29, 2011


CHINGOLA mayor McDonald Mulongoti yesterday narrowly escaped lynching after his fellow suspected PF cadres ran amok destroying his house and the shop.

The mobilized and incensed mob ran amok after the council police in conjunction with state police demolished the illegal structures at Lulamba’s stage three.

The mayor and his family were forced to seek refuge at the house of officer-in-charge at Chiwempala police and his property was only served by riot police who quickly rushed to the scene to restore order with canisters leading to the mob to scamper in all directions.

Copperbelt police Chief Martin Malama confirmed the damage to the mayor’s house and shop which happened in the early hours of yesterday following the demolition exercise.

Dr Malama said the docket had been opened and some arrests would be made soon as some of the ring leaders had been identified.

And Mr Mulongoti told Sunday Times that the stoning was organized by his jealous invisible political opponents from his party who had underperformed and feared of his political ambition.

“I won’t be intimidated as I’m protected by the law, moreover I do not make decisions to demolish but it was the council with the backing of the government that took that decision.

“This is politically motivated move from within our party and the people behind it are those that promote illegal land allocation, the scam that was unearthed in Lusaka. I do not support illegality as I have integrity to keep and these are the people tarnishing the name of the party.” He said

He said people should learn to comply with laws because even after the 2011 elections life would have to continue in a normal way.

Mr Mulongoti said it was such poor planning which was resulting in flooding of some townships in the country as the Lulamba stage three didn’t have roads and in case of fire the fire fighting team could not pass, moreover there was no service in the area.

Meanwhile Copperbelt Local Government Officer Solomon Sakala has said the demolition of Lulamba stage three had the minister’s blessing as the Chingola Local Authority had sought authorization of government.

He said at first he stopped the Chingola Municipal Council from carrying out the demolishing exercise but when the approval came from the Local Government minister the exercise was conducted in the early hours of yesterday.

He said the demolished township was erected on the former graveyard the Chiwempala old cemetery and when one of the residents was digging his well he found human bones

“That area was not planned for it only came by because corrupt local leaders were illegally allocating plots to people who have built with cheap materials not meeting the standards.” He said

CHINGOLA mayor McDonald Mulongoti at his V3 beer garden property showing riot police the damage made to his property yesterday.

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