Friday, April 26, 2013

Gays rights must be protected – US envoy

US Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella says the United States believes the human rights of all people including gays and lesbians must be protected.
In an interview on human rights to coincides with the release of the US 2012 Human Rights Report, Ambassador Storella says all people must be treated equally and fairly, and that the U.S opposes laws that unfairly impact any group of society be it a religious minority, ethnic minority or gays and lesbians.
He says this does not make them less human being nor does it change their entitlement to human rights or government’s responsibility to protect their human rights.
And Ambassador Storella has hailed what he has described as a remarkable tolerant Zambian people.
He points out that there very few countries in the world that have 73 tribes and have never had tribal conflicts.
Mr Storella has since encouraged Zambians to continue building on the tradition of tolerance.

But Life Gospel fellowship Ministries General Overseer Bishop Joseph Kazhila has said the behavior of the western world to openly support, advertise and fund gay rights in Zambia should be condemned strongly.

Biahop Kazhila
Bishop Kazhila has called on Government to caution pro gay envoys to stop such unbecoming behavior of wanting to promote an illegality in a country which by nature, culture and standards of God can’t accept such abominable diabolical activities.

He said practicing homosexuality was illegal in Zambia and the Western World was therefore committing an offense by encouraging and promoting it so openly.  

Why do they want to force such an evil on us? If it’s right in their countries that doesn’t make it right in Zambia, please leave us alone. 

“Those who practice same sex affairs are human beings who are possessed by demons. God loves them but hates what they do remember in Lottie’s day. The demon possessed people of Sodom and Gomorrah refused to sleep with virgin daughters of Lottie, instead pressurised Lottie to hand over the male visitors he had received so that they could have an affair with. 

"All they need to do is to seek spiritual deliverance and if they believe they can be prayed for and be released from such inclinations toward same sex abnormalities," he said

Bishop Kazhila said the police must not relent in arresting and prosecuting all those involved in these evils

He said the Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba had made it clear that Zambians should reject calls to legalize homosexuality.

Recently Mr Kabimba called on Zambians to unanimously reject and denounce people and some institutions championing homosexuality.

Mr Kabimba advised Zambians to be wary and report to law enforcement agencies some people working to ‘import’ and sponsor the homosexuality practices in Zambia

Speaking in Lusaka last Saturday at Pamodzi Hotel during a colourful fundraising dinner organised by the Patriotic Front Lusaka District, he said Zambians should discard homosexuality at all costs.

“As Zambians, we declared that we are a Christian nation and there is no way we can allow this un-Zambian culture. I want to urge all Zambians to rise and denounce this vice.

“Why should someone or institutions want to import this homosexuality and try to influence others to practice it? We can’t allow it, I am calling on all citizens to stand firm and reject it,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said Zambians should not be influenced to fall prey to homosexual practices because of some international organisations which had pumped in colossal sums of money to sponsor the vice.

He said citizens should be cautious of some people receiving finances from external institutions and pumping it in Zambia in a bid to massively influence innocent citizens on homosexuality recruitment drive.

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