Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chingola mayor disgraces himself over illegal land allocation

Chingola Municipal Council Plans, Works, Development and Real Estate committee chairperson Henry Kafumbe has said Chingola mayor Cuthbert Kalebaila has disgraced himself by trying to wash a dirty linen in public.

Mr Kafumbe who is also Nsansa ward council said the mayor disgraced himself when he accused his councilors of being involved in illegal land allocation.

He said that the mayor showed his incompetence when he told Radio Phoenix Reporter that his council was marred by rampant illegal land allocation.

In his interview with Radio Phoenix Mr Kalebaila said the rampant illegal land allocation was being perpetuated by his councilors and the land agents.

Mr Kafumbe said the council chairperson had disgraced himself by failing to discipline the erring councilors and then opted to act like Pilate of Bible in Jesus times that pretended to be clean during the Sanhedrin hearing.

He said it was wrong for the mayor to hold councilors at ransom for his re-election as mayor.

Mr Kafumbe wondered why the council chairperson delayed to call for an emergency council meeting to correct the wrong if he knew of some land anomaly.

He accused the mayor of not being clean in the whole matter and that Mr Kalebaila was paying homage to the PF executive district official that imposed him on councilors as mayor.

“The mayor is a robot being used to discredit the District Commissioner George Sichula who was appointed as DC at the expense of one district official,” he said.

Mr kafumbe said his assessment was that about 90 per cent of councilors didn’t have a problem with the DC, the assessment he said could be proven.

Regarding Violet Mumba, the Lulamba ward councilor that reported the matter to police to implicate the DC, Mr Kafumbe said Ms Mumba was equally not clean.

“We have information that she gave out illegal plots at Kankoko and after amassing dubious funds she has even bought herself a RAV 4 vehicle, this is a person without any source of income,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

Katebe is just being used by DC and he thinks that DC will make him DEBS. In the previuos council Katebe was Deputy Mayor, the question is why didnt he come back as councillor and subsquently the Mayor of Chingola. The answer is very simple the man was involved in illegal land allocation together with the DC. I am challenging the Council to go and do a land audit in Twatasha ward where DC was councillor and see if he(DC) is as clean as claims

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