Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chingola Councillors untrained, Mayor survives impeachment

Godfather returns with 'Freedom Train'
COPPERBELT Minister Mwenya Musenge has said Chingola Councillors have been making the mistakes because they are not trained.
Mr Musenge

And Mr Musenge’s mission of serving Chingola mayor from impeachment worked.

Speaking with The Independent Observer soon after the meeting he had with Councillors the Minister said lack of workshops and orientation had led to several mistakes by some Councillors in the district.

Mr Musenge said some of the mistakes in this PF dominated council were not done deliberately but it was out lack of proper training to acquaint the Councillors with their duties and jurisdiction.

He said he had since advised the mayor Cuthbert Kalebaila and his town clerk George Mulenga to hold orientation workshops that would equip the civic leaders.

The Minister said his coming to Chingola was to iron out the division that had characterized the council leading to the formation of the ad-hoc committee whose findings have not been made public.

“I hope harmony will prevail, because the council was full of speculations, allegations and accusations but as Government we could let the big council like Chingola to suffer harm. All the assumptions and misunderstandings have been tabled and I feel they can be managed,” he said.

And the Minister’s mission of rescuing the mayor from impeachment worked perfectly.
He psychologically made all the Councillors feel  they stood no change of being readopted that is if the council was dissolved.

Mr Musenge was prompted to address Chingola Councillors soon after one of the council chief officers had leaked information that the five man ad-hoc committee had recommended the impeachment of the of the mayor and the suspension of Nsansa ward councillor Henry Kafumbe and Lulamba ward Councillor Violet Mumba.

The trio was due for impeachment and suspension respectively for violating council standing orders regarding how the Councillors out to report council issues to the media.

The biggest question is who leaked the information of the findings of the ad-hoc committee because it had never been made public.

The copies of the findings which were being typed by the town clerk’s secretary leaked even before the committee could hand it over.

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